Survey Calendar


2017-2018 Survey Schedule:

Survey Constituency Timing
ACHA National College Health Survey Sample drawn from entire student population Fall 2017 (Oct)
Dining Hall Services Evaluation Survey Sample drawn from entire student population Fall 2017 (Sept)
ABET Senior Surveys Population of SoE seniors - By Major - 12 surveys Spring 2018 (March)
ABET Alumni Surveys SoE UG alumni - By Major - 12 surveys Fall 2017 (Oct)
Graduating Exit Survey Population of all Rensselaer senior students Spring 2018 (Feb)
College Board ASQ Rensselaer non-enrolled students Summer 2018
EBI Sample drawn from entire undergraduate student population Spring 2018
Residence Life Satisfaction Survey Students in Rensselaer residence Spring 2018
CCPD Future Plans Survey Graduating students Ongoing
Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) Population of doctorate degree recipients Upon graduation
Graduating Graduate Student Exit Survey Population of graduating graduate students Upon graduation
Teaching Assistant Training Program Survey Population of new TAs Each Fall and Spring semester
OGE Academic Orientation Feedback Survey Population of new graduate students Each Fall and Spring semester
Course Evaluations - SoE Midterm Students enrolled in SoE Courses Fall (Oct) and Spring (Mar)
Course Evaluations Population of students enrolled in Rensselaer courses Fall (Nov) and Spring (May)
Student Orientation Survey Population of all incoming freshman students Summer 2018