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Teaching Tips (Honolulu CC)

Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence (UC Berkeley)

Lecturing (UC Berkeley)

Active Learning (Honolulu CC)

Collaborative Learning (National Institute for Science Education)

Writing in College (Chicago)

The Art of Questioning (Institute for Inquiry)

Problem-Based Learning (U Delaware)

Encouraging Class Discussions (UC Berkeley)



Links for Evaluation of Teaching and Courses (London Metro. U)

Assessment Methods (SUNY Albany)



Classroom Research: Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching (Am. Journal of Pharm. Ed.)

Scholarship of Teaching (Higher Ed. R&D)


Learning Outcomes Information

Student Learning Outcomes Resources

Learning Taxonomies (ACU)

Writing Learning Outcomes for the Core Curriculum (UC Santa Barbara)

Student Learning Outcomes (U Virginia)

Student Learning Outcomes (Foothill College)

Instructions for Writing Student Learning Outcomes (Los Rios CC)

Student Learning Outcomes (Kansas State)

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning (AAHE)

Learning Outcomes Assessment Communities (NILOA)

Outcomes Assessment (UC Boulder)

Support Materials for Assessment
New Directions for Teaching and Learning
Volume 2001 Issue 86 , Pages 1 - 104 (Summer 2001)
Special Issue: Scholarship Revisited: Perspectives on the Scholarship of Teaching
Issue Edited by Carolin Kreber