Summer Arch at Rensselaer

A Fantastic Opportunity for Personal and Professional Development

The Summer Arch is a unique approach to your education that provides flexibility in your semester schedule, allowing you to pursue professional and personal development opportunities that will prepare you to meet the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century. 

Here's How It Works

Rising juniors attend a full summer semester, the Summer Arch, between their sophomore and junior years.  Juniors then spend a Summer Arch Semester Away (SASA) during either the fall or spring semester of their junior year.  So, it still only takes 8 semesters to graduate!  

The summer semester will be like no other semester at RPI! As the only class year on campus, you will have access to all the unique teaching facilities such as the Manufacturing Innovation Learning Laboratory (MILL), the Mercer Laboratory for Exploration and Innovation, the Corridor of Creativity (a 3-D printing space), EMPAC, and more! Your class sizes will be smaller, especially during the pilot years. You will also get to know the faculty better, a plus when it comes to networking for future opportunities.   

Summer Calendar of Events

During Summer Arch, classes will go on field trips to visit local companies and hear from practicing experts. You’ll also see how wind turbines or chips are made, or even visit the studio of a world renowned artist! There will also be trips to the Adirondacks, local cultural venues, lots of special meals with faculty, opportunities to meet with members of Rensselaer's cabinet, and "Pop-Up" courses on everything from "How to write a patent" to "Learning to play the Sitar."  

Click to learn more about the summer of 2017 calendar of events!

Summer Arch Semester Away (SASA) Opportunities

Another advantage of Summer Arch is that it allows you to explore career interests in greater depth and with greater flexibility than possible under traditional semester calendars. You can arrange for jobs and internships during any non-summer term, avoiding the competition that often occurs in the summer, giving you an advantage for subsequent summer positions or quality of occupational experience. Options include: