The New Polytechnic Graduate

The New Polytechnic rubric is guided by two factors: first, humanity faces global and interconnected challenges surrounding our supplies of food, water, energy and a changing climate; human health and the mitigation of disease; national and global security; the allocation of valuable natural resources; and our need for sustainable infrastructure. Clearly, such challenges cannot be addressed by a single discipline, sector, nation, or geography working alone.  The second factor encompasses the advanced tools and technologies that are affording us new insights into our world, and new ways to navigate and manage that world.

The addition of the Summer Arch and junior “away” semester adds flexibility to the undergraduate curriculum to create The New Polytechnic graduate:

  • a global, multicultural, and self-aware leader;
  • a critical and creative thinker;
  • an exceptional communicator; and
  • an inventive and enterprising problem solver who is prepared to lead in addressing the challenges and opportunities of society.

Rensselaer is educating the next generation of leaders for depth in their specific domains – as well as for the breadth that allows them to perceive the connections among domains that initially appear unrelated. These connections cross disciplinary boundaries that link ever more strongly the humanities, arts, and social sciences, architecture, and business, with our roots in science and engineering.

At the New Polytechnic, we are focused on being transformative in our research, in our innovative pedagogy, and in the lives of our students. We strive to educate our students for intellectual agility, for multicultural sophistication, and for a global view for the qualities that will help them to become leaders in a world of complex global challenges and enormous opportunities.