AEFIS Course Evaluations Support Resources

Adding Additional Course Evaluation Questions

Two weeks before a Survey Collection Period begins, faculty receive an email notifying them that the survey will be opening soon for the students and that they have time to now add additional questions to their course surveys. This is an optional feature. Several question types are available: multiple choice (single or multiple answer), text/memo, true/false, and drop down select. Questions must be added the day before the survey opens otherwise, they will not be included in the survey.

Important Note

When creating an additional question the instructor will need to select the course evaluation for this question to display. For all schools except the School of Engineering the selection will always be End of Term. For those instructors in the School of Engineering, when creating additional questions, choose if this question is for Mid-Term or End of Term course evaluations. The question can display for both but be sure to make the correct choice so the question displays as expected.

In addition, please be aware that if a course has more than one instructor, it is considered a team taught course and the instructors would collaborate on the questions they would like to ask the students. The added questions in a team taught course would show on each instructors report. In team taught courses, these questions would not be specific to them as an instructor.

Viewing Response Rates

While a survey is open, faculty and administrators can view the current response rates of their school, department, or course depending on their role. Below is a video tutorial on how to view the response rates:

Faculty & Administrators

Running Course Evaluation Reports

Below you will find specific reporting information that is beneficial to our Rensselaer community. Please be aware there is an AEFIS Analytics Guide available which offers more information on reporting depending on user role.

Administrators Only

Faculty Only

Faculty & Administrators - Running Reports from the Report Widget/Dashboard

Analysis of Student Course Evaluations by Instructor Report - this report displays a course summary of the responses for each question in the survey.

Course Section Trend Analysis Report - the strength of this report is that it allows for comparison across schools and departments. Depending on the user role, various aggregate summaries can be reviewed. This report only compares numerical data and does not work with open ended questions.

Student Course Evaluation Comments Analysis Report - this report pulls out only the open ended questions response data.

  • Running the Student Course Evaluation Comments Analysis Report
  • Video Tutorial on Running the Student Course Evaluation Comments Analysis Report (3:44)

  • Student Course Evaluation Metric Trend Analysis Report - this report will display only the metric questions (overall instructor and course) results for course(s) selected.

  • Running the Student Course Evaluation Metric Trend Analysis Report

  • Additional Support: