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Creating a Scheduled Teaching Record and Syllabus with Digital Measures

The Digital Measures Roadmap is a printable guide that could serve as a printed program for note-taking while watching the videos linked below.  Please pay particular attention to the instructions marked Note Well. The Digital Measures Required Fields Map highlights what must be included in every Scheduled Teaching record.

The Digital Measures interface is, for the most part, a guessable Web form with help built into the system, but there are a few things that you cannot guess and just have to know. Watching at least the first three listed under Introduction is strongly recommended.

Streaming Videos:
Syllabus and Course Assessment Action Form in Digital Measures

When viewing the video streams off-campus, depending on your ISP, you may experience repeated buffering that makes for unacceptable performance. In the event of repeated buffering, activate your Cisco SSL VPN client. Videos will take a few moments to load, but the repeated buffering will stop. (The VPN client is available to download with rcs authentication.)

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Loading Information into Digital Measures

Getting Information Out of Digital Measures

Finishing Touches