Digital Measures Assessment Tool

Rensselaer has engaged Digital Measures as its provider of several online services related to learning assessment since 2011.

Digital Measures (DM) is the sole channel for faculty to file Course Syllabi and Course Assessment Action Forms with their departments. These online filings of syllabi and course assessment action forms are required each semester for all courses. The Digital Measures assessment tool facilitates documenting the assessment cycle that includes: identifying student learning outcomes, learning opportunities to support achievement of the intended learning outcomes, assessments and assessment data used to inform teaching and learning, and plans for "closing the loop".

Student course evaluations are also conducted using Digital Measure's online course evaluation tool, Course Response.

Gaining Access to Digital Measures

Digital Measures is accessible through the Digital Measures link on the RPInfo page. Login is through RPI Central Authentication Service (CAS) with  RCSID and RCS Password.

If you are new to Rensselaer and do not have a Digital Measures account or experience problems logging in, please contact Amy Svirsky.

Training, Workshops, Tutorials

Advance instruction or a guide at your side are ideal, but several resources are also readily available.

The Digital Measures Roadmap is a printable guide for DIY types. It takes you through the DM Scheduled Teaching screens needed to create a course record that both contains all required syllabus information and facilitates documenting the 4-part assessment cycle. The Roadmap also covers how to complete the Course Assessment Actions screen required at the end of the semester. Please pay particular attention to the instructions marked Note Well. The Digital Measures Required Fields Map highlights what must be included in every Scheduled Teaching record.

Step-by-step, instructional streaming videos are on this site. Department chairs who would like a one-hour hands-on workshop presented for their faculty may make arrangements by contacting Amy Svirsky.

Individual faculty may also arrange for a one-to-one Digital Measures tutorial by contacting  Amy Svirsky.

Suggestions for the DigitalMeasures Project Team?

Send any suggestions or comments about DigitalMeasures to Amy Svirsky.