Course Assessment Action Form

Assessment measures Learning Outcomes. Assessment ensures that knowledge and skills that students acquire in the course match the Learning Outcomes declared in the syllabus. Thus, all the assessment tools that you use (projects, exams, quizzes, homework, class discussions, etc.) should evaluate whether and to what extent students are able to demonstrate attainment of the knowledge and skills in play.

Leave no Learning Outcome unassessed. Assess only Learning Outcomes.

To document the correspondence of Learning Outcomes and Assessment, complete Course Assessment Action fields within your Scheduled Teaching record for the course. Course Assessment Actions include:

Findings (what you noticed about student learning and assessment during the course);

Evaluation (your interpretation of the findings -- your professional opinion about what you noticed with respect to students' achievement of learning outcomes); and

Outcome Changes (any revisions to activities or plans to be implemented for future iterations of the course focusing on learning outcomes and/or assessments).

Once Learning Outcomes, Assessments, Findings, Evaluations and Outcome Changes are documented in the Scheduled Teaching record for the course, you can generate the Course Assessment Action Form report through Custom Reports in Digital Measures for reference and reflection.

You could choose to use it as documentation for your P&T dossier and, if you attach a short essay about how the course has changed and improved over time under your teaching, the result would fit nicely into your teaching portfolio.