Lunch and Learn, November 15: Gratitude

Grow your mind.

The Power of Positivity: Supporting Faculty to Support Students
Our daily emotions impact not only ourselves, but also our interactions with others. When we experience more positive emotions, we tend to have more positive interactions with others. When we are stressed, we have fewer positive emotions. This series seeks to share knowledge about the power of positive emotions, and practices participants can engage in to promote more positivity throughout the day. Participants will also engage in hands-on activities to help all of us have more positive engagements. We can experience more positive emotions by making small changes in our environment, and more importantly by changing or improving the way we think about those things that happen in our environment. Positive emotions help us to think more creatively, problem solve better, and develop our relationships with others.

Series with Fall dates and topics here.

Session 1
September 20: Positive Emotions.

Session 2:
October 18: Mindfulness Meditation

Session 3:
November 15: Gratitude

Registration is required in order to have an accurate count for lunch (provided). Space is limited. Open to faculty and instructional staff first. Register for Session 3.

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