Institutional Research and Assessment

Institutional Research and Assessment facilitates the systematic collection, maintenance, analysis and reporting of institutional information, as well as comparison information with peer institutions, to support Institute planning and decision-making.

This office assists others within the Institute with ad-hoc requests for information, and is also a central contact for submitting data to federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as commercial agencies, often in conjunction with the Registrar's office.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment provides members of the community with timely and relevant information on diverse Institute facts, and should be an early contact for those individuals who require data for planning and decision-making purposes.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at Rensselaer provides external reporting to several agencies to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The office also provides a wealth of external reporting to the public to aid the higher education community as a whole.

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