AEFIS Assessment Support Resources

The Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection Tool

  • Consistent Assessment Data Collection Campus Wide
  • East-to-use Forms and Accessible Reports
  • Automated Assessment Scheduline and Reminders
  • Integration with LMS Gradebook
  • Link course assignements to learning outcomes
  • Easy Rubric Based Grading
  • Individual Student Based Assessment
  • Integrated Outcomes Portfolio as Evidence of Student Work with Artifacts

AEFIS Assessment FAQ

To review the AEFIS Assessment FAQ, please visit the following link: AEFIS Assessment FAQ.

Assignment/Assessment Linking for Program Outcomes

This AEFIS solution can be used by departments for Program Review. It is also used by Programs in the Schools of Engineering, Management and Architecture for external accreditation.

There are three ways for assignments to appear in AEFIS in order to be linked.

  1. You use the LMS to collect assignments and assessments. Assignments and assessments collected in Blackboard automatically populate in AEFIS. The next step is to link assignments to relevant program outcomes (instructions below). Note: If you use Gradescope, there is an automatic LMS connection feature so that you can have your Gradescope grades appear in AEFIS from the LMS.
  2. You collect your students' assignments and assessments through some other means besides the LMS and keep a grading sheet in excel. You can import grades from an excel spread sheet into AEFIS in order to link those assignments/assessment. It is a two-step process. First you would create an assignment in AEFIS and then you would link the assignment to the relevant program outcome. Here is a link to an AEFIS tutorial on How to Import Grades from Excel Spreadsheet into AEFIS. Here is a link to step by step instructions with screen shots.
  3. You can create assignments/assessment directly in AEFIS, score them and have students submit their work directly into AEFIS. How to Create Assignments for a Course (with Rubric Criteria).

Assignment Linking to Program Outcomes

Once you have an assignment/assessment in AEFIS, it is quite an easy process to link the assignment or assessment to program learning outcomes for program review or accreditation purposes.