Lunch and Learn: The Power of Positivity Continued, Spring 2024

Grow your brain.

About the Series

Doing things that boost positive emotions throughout the day impact us cognitively and inter-personally. Positive emotions can impact our task performance, resilience, success in life, and even longevity. Incorporating positive emotions like gratitude and optimism and using humor throughout our day benefit us and those around us. This series will focus on the tangible things that you can do to boost positivity including ways to apply the skills in the classroom.

Session 4: Managing Stress

February 7, 12:00-1:30 (lunch included) Register here.

Things that support managing stress include having a good support network, a sense of control, a positive attitude and outlook, the ability to deal with emotions, and knowledge and preparation. We will briefly review the previous sessions of mindfulness and gratitude and how they positively reduce our stress levels, and then we’ll focus more on how we think about things that happen in our day so they are perceived more as challenges than as hindrances. 

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