Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Mission Statement

One of the core missions of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is to collaborate with faculty in assessment of student learning outcomes to continually improve student learning and educational experiences at Rensselaer.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is committed to:

  • providing faculty development and assistance activities related to the integration of formative and summative assessment strategies into the curriculum and across educational initiatives to support student learning goals.

  • providing information and expertise and encouraging the exchange of ideas, including how to set student learning outcomes and curriculum goals that support courses, programs, and the Rensselaer experience.

  • creating a cross-campus forum for all those who engage in teaching and assessment activities.

  • assisting faculty with improvement of their teaching practice by grounding that practice in scholarship and to help all understand student assessment, both direct and indirect, as an integral part of the learning experience.

  • providing useful information concerning expectations for assessment, including those related to regional accreditation, across the institution.