Suggested COVID-19 Syllabus Information

Suggested COVID-19 Syllabus Information

The following is suggested syllabus language to use during the semesters where RPI is employing social distancing, adjusting class modalities, and taking precautions against COVID-19. Specific colleges and departments may have additional requirements as well. If you are teaching an online class, you may want to omit the sections about face coverings, social distancing, assigned seating, and sanitizing workspaces.

Rensselaer is committed to the health and safety of all students. Rensselaer will continue to monitor all new developments with COVID-19 and determine a best course of action to uphold the well-being of its students while maintaining a high quality educational experience.

Masks/Shields: Masks/Shields will be worn by all students and faculty in all classrooms/labs, as well as in Institute buildings. Students who violate this policy by not wearing masks will be reported to the Dean of Students and will be requested to leave a classroom of building and return to their living quarters. The Dean of Students will provide the appropriate sanctions for the students per the code of conduct signed by the students.

Traffic Flow and Social Distancing: Students and faculty will respect the need for social distancing to the degree possible by the setting. Faculty and students will move in and out of classrooms as per the appropriate instructions of the faculty/administration. They are expected to follow printed traffic flow statements posted in all rooms and buildings.

In-Class Seating: Faculty are asked to assure that students sit in the appropriate designated seating in the classroom, using social distancing. Students are not allow to move furniture or sit in seats not designated by the Institute.

Cleaning of Spaces: Students are encouraged to clean the surfaces of the chairs/tables/desks they occupy before they sit down and as they prepare to leave. Faculty should advise students clean with wipes or cloths their own personal before and after class.

Student Health: Students who are ill, under quarantine for COVID-19, or suspect they are ill will report that to Student Life. Student Life will verify and notify all faculty who have that student. Once notification is made, all faculty will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the student’s absence and will communicate that accommodation directly to the student. Failure to make an appropriate accommodation for a verified or reasonably suspected case of illness may be appealable under the student grade appeal process. Students who need to report an illness should contact the Student Health Center via email or call 518-276-6287. For student seen off campus, a student may request an excused absence via with an uploaded doctor’s note that excuses them.

Refusal: Refusal to comply with any appropriate request will be treated as would any classroom disruption and disciplinary actions and sanctions will be taken through our judicial process in the Student Handbook (request to change the behavior; request to leave the class; dismissal of the class and referral to Student Life and the Dean of Students.)