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Learning Outcomes Assessment Resources (NILOA)

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy (IOWA State Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning)

Student Learning Outcomes Resources (4faculty)

Student Learning Outcomes (U Virginia)

Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (Foothill College)

Student Learning Outcomes (Kansas State)

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning (AAHE)

Guidelines for Developing and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Majors (UCLA)

Support Materials for Teaching, Learning and Assessment Scholarship Revisited: Perspectives on the Scholarship of TeachingIssue Edited by Carolin Kreber


Teaching Strategies


Writing in College (Chicago)

Problem-Based Learning (U Delaware)





Assessment Methods (SUNY Albany)



Classroom Research: Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching (Am. Journal of Pharm. Ed.)


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