Collecting and Assessing Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Assessment

  1. Identify student Learning Outcomes.
  2. Examine opportunities to achieve Learning Outcomes in the program/course.
  3. Assess student learning and development (gather student work exemplars).
  4. Use Learning Outcomes Assessment to make changes in the course/program, and complete the assessment cycle by repeating the steps.

Please see the Course Assessment Action Form with guidelines on how to use it. Program Assessment Template are also available for review.

Levels of Learning Outcomes Assessment

Level 1

  • Design and structure the program and course.
  • Write the program mission and matching learning outcomes.
  • Specify the courses in the program that map onto the learning outcomes.
  • Create syllabus for each course.
  • Create assessment for each course (projects, exams, quizzes, homework, portfolio, rubrics to be used).
  • Specify teaching strategies to be used in the course.
  • Decide on faculty peer review observations, and collect data.
  • Collect data and analyze graduation rates, and student exit survey data.
  • Analyze placement rates.
  • Analyze GPA.

Level 2

  • Collect and analyze data concerning student perception of learning using Digital Measures Course Response reports, student anecdotal evidence, focus group feedback, and survey results.
  • Analyze summative surveys of student perception of learning and achievement of learning outcomes set for the course

Level 3

  • Directly assess student work.
  • Review submitted assessments used in the course (projects, exams, quizzes, homework, portfolio, etc.)
  • Evaluate formative and summative evidence of learning.

Level 4 "Closing the Loop"

  • Take note of your findings (e.g. what you noticed about student learning and assessment during the course).
  • Interpret the findings through your professional teaching and learning lens (i.e. your evaluation of the findings).
  • Consider and implement Learning Outcome Changes (e.g. revisions to activities or plans to be implemented for future iterations of the course focusing on learning outcomes and/or assessments).