Group Instructional Feedback Technique

The Group Instructional Feedback Technique (GIFT) is a process that allows faculty to gather information on student learning in their classrooms, usually after the course has had some time to get moving and find its rhythm, but as many weeks as possible before the end of the term.

The GIFT Process

  • Faculty meet with a Peer Consultant to determine questions to be asked.
  • Classroom visit (30-60 minutes)
  • During the classroom visit, the Peer Consultant explains the purpose of the visit, organizes small groups to address the questions, and gathers feedback.
  • Faculty then have a brief follow-up visit with the Peer Consultant to discuss classroom findings and receive a personal letter which is a synopsis of student responses.

GIFTs are strictly confidential.*

GIFTs are conducted by experienced colleagues for colleagues.

GIFTs provide student feedback, not instructional critique.

Benefits of GIFT:

  • Changes can be made in a course before the term is over.
  • Opens and strengthens communication between you and your students
  • Clears up possible misconceptions about the course
  • Helps explain methods and reasoning used in your course
  • Builds faculty support relationships
  • Requires students to share responsibility for outcome of course
  • Tends to increase student motivation in course as students see your interest in instruction.

* GIFTs are generally confidential. An exception is made if information surfaces that reflects emotional, psychological or physical danger or threat of danger to students or faculty. Peer Consultants reserve the right to breach confidence should the situation warrant it.