Peer Consulting: Exploring Teaching

What is Peer Consulting?

  • An exploration of teaching done in a collaborative and collegial manner
  • An opportunity for faculty to gather information from an independent, nonjudgmental source
  • A confidential and voluntary support service
  • A method of obtaining feedback and using it in a positive and useful way
  • A chance to meet colleagues who, like you, value good teaching

Peer consultants are experienced faculty who are supportive, nonjudgmental colleagues drawn from across the Institute, not just from your department, who

  • Work under the umbrella of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Engage in a multi-part process of assessment of teaching for the development of the individual faculty member
  • May engage in multiple methods of information gathering, such as reviewing teaching materials, making classroom observations, analyzing student evaluations and conducting student focus groups
  • Employ methods determined by the faculty member who invites the peer consultant
  • May write a confidential summary memo at the end of the consultation addressed to the faculty member only

Adapted from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment, University of Maine.