Student Course Evaluation Course Response (Digital Measures)

Student Course Evaluation Course Response (Digital Measures)

Digital Measures’ online Student Course Evaluation tool, Course Response, became the Institute platform for student course evaluation in AY 2011-12. (Course Response is a separate Digital Measures tool. Students have no access to other areas of the system.)

At the start of a Course Response Data Collection Period (DCP), students receive invitations to participate via email from Digital Measures ( Students then authenticate through RPI Central Authentication Service (CAS) and are routed to a personal homepage listing their courses for feedback with links to the survey for each one.

Every three days and on the final day of data collection, as long as they have incomplete sureveys outstanding, students receive reminder emails asking them to complete their course evaluation surveys.

There are two regularly scheduled Data Collection Periods (DCPs): the School of Engineering Midterm Course Evaluation at six weeks, and the Institute-wide Course Evaluation at semester's end.

Manage Questions

One week before a Data Collection Period begins, faculty receive email notifying them that Manage Questions is open. During Manage Questions, faculty are able to add their own questions to the standard instrument. Several question types are available: Likert Scale, yes/no, short answer, long answer, or questions to picked from a menu.

Guide to Using Manage Questions

Response Rates

Faculty frequently express concern about response rates with online course evaluation surveys.

To ensure students’ answering the evaluation survey for your course, the Office of the Provost strongly encourages you to schedule a mandatory laptop-to-class day in which to give students about ten minutes to complete the evaluation.

A prominent link to "Student Course Evaluation" is available on RPInfo during Data Collection Periods. The URL is

Because surveys are completed and submitted online, leaving the room during a classroom laptop survey session is not necessary. Indeed it is not advisable.

Response rates are visible to faculty in real time via the View Respondents tool in Digital Measures. Please do monitor your response rates during data collection. (View Respondents displays only response rates to the survey in individual faculty member’s courses. There is no linkage of students' responses to individuals anywhere in Digital Measures.)


Standard Institute-Wide

SoE Course-Level (addendum to Standard Instrument)

SoE Teaching Assistant (addendum to Standard Instrument)

SoE Midterm



Instructor (with sample data)

Please Note: The "Student Course Evaluation Report - Standard" is the same as the "Student Course Evaluation Report - Instructor," except the Standard report does not report results of Instructor-Added questions. Only faculty can see the Instructor report. Only faculty can see the results of Insturctor-Added Questions. Chairs, Deans, etc., cannot view the Instructor report.

SoE Midterm