Student Course Evaluation (AEFIS)

Student Course Evaluation + Feedback (AEFIS)

AEFIS's online Student Course Evaluation + Feedback tool became the Institute platform for student course evaluation in Summer 2020.

At the start of a Course Evaluation Survey period, students receive invitations to participate via email. Students then authenticate through RPI Central Authentication Service (CAS) and are routed to a personal homepage listing their courses for feedback with links to the survey for each one.

Every three days and on the final day of data collection, as long as they have incomplete surveys outstanding, students receive reminder emails asking them to complete their course evaluation surveys.

There are two regularly scheduled Survey Collection Periods: the School of Engineering Midterm Course Evaluation at six weeks, and the Institute-wide Course Evaluation at semester's end.

Visit our AEFIS Assessment Tool site for further information on the tool as well as support resources available.

Adding Additional Course Evaluation Questions

Two weeks before a Survey Collection Period begins, faculty receive an email notifying them that the survey will be opening soon for the students and that they have time to now add additional questions to their course surveys. This is an optional feature. Several question types are available: multiple choice (single or multiple answer), text/memo, true/false, and drop down select. Questions must be added the day before the survey opens otherwise, they will not be included in the survey.

Important Notes

**When creating an additional question the instructor will need to select the course evaluation for this question to display. For all schools except the School of Engineering the selection will always be End of Term. For those instructors in the School of Engineering, when creating additional questions, choose if this question is for Mid-Term or End of Term course evaluations. The question can display for both but be sure to make the correct choice so the question displays as expected.

** For the School of Engineering Only: For Spring 2021, if you choose to create mid-term questions, you must also create the end of term questions at the time of creating and publishing the mid-term questions. This will be resolved in Fall 2021 where you will not have to do both during mid-term time and will be able to wait until end of term time comes around to add end of term questions.

Steps to Add Additional Questions to Your Course Survey

Video Tutorial on How to Add Additional Questions to Your Course Survey

Response Rates

Faculty frequently express concern about response rates with online course evaluation surveys.

To ensure students’ answering the evaluation survey for your course, the Office of the Provost strongly encourages you to schedule a mandatory laptop-to-class day in which to give students about ten minutes to complete the evaluation.

Because surveys are completed and submitted online, leaving the room during a classroom laptop survey session is not necessary. Indeed it is not advisable.

Response rates are visible to faculty in real time via the View Respondents feature in AEFIS. Please do monitor your response rates during survey data collection. (View Respondents displays only response rates to the survey in individual faculty member’s courses. There is no linkage of students' responses to individuals anywhere in AEFIS.)

Below you will find a quick video tutorial on how to review response rates:

Video Tutorial on How to Review Response Rates as an Instructor or Department Head while a a Course Evaluation Survey is Open


Standard Institute-Wide

SoE Midterm

SoE Course-Level (addendum to Standard Instrument)